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Collaborative Private Practice for Licensed Mental Health Professionals Somerset & W Bridgewater, MA

Let's talk about opportunities for licensed mental health professionals in West Bridgewater and Somerset, MA!

I'm Marydanielle Verrier, the founder of Serenity Counseling and Wellness Center PC. Our team is growing quickly and I would like to invite you to consider starting your own private practice with us. Some reasons you'll love working with us include:

  • beautiful office spaces in both West Bridgewater and Somerset, MA

  • ample parking and a great commute

  • a collaborative environment for private practice practitioners

  • beat the loneliness of private practice

  • work / life balance

  • flexible hours

  • skill building

  • monthly supervision

  • business development opportunities

  • marketing through our website

  • very reasonable rates

  • telehealth opportunities

  • referrals

If you are interested in growing your private practice, but don't want to go it alone... give me a call! I would love to speak with you about joining the Serenity Counseling and Wellness Center team.


Marydanielle Verrier

Founder, Serenity Counseling and Wellness Center PC

Tel: 781-252-9990


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